Sold/Expired Conn 62HCL bass trombone for sale


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UMI Conn 62HCL bass trombone, bought new by current owner (i.e. me!) November 2007.
Dual independent Christian Lindberg (CL) valves, Bb/F/Gb/D, with adjustable paddles.
9.5" bell, single bore .562" slide, three removable threaded leadpipes - B ("traditional"), C (more 'modern'), D (very fat-sounding).
Comes in black Pro-Tec case - hard with material covering.
Very rare in UK - only one I've ever heard of this side of the Atlantic.
Asking for £2600 in near-new condition - new in the UK this would cost well over £4000 (e.g. from Even a new standard 62H (without the CL valves) would cost more.
Photos are attached at the bottom of this post. Contact me if you want further pictures.

In excellent condition - some markings and a slight ding on bell lacquer due to shop-soilage as sold new, some lacquer wear on the handslide where the player grips it. Slide and valves recently checked up by a repairer in order to prepare instrument for sale - mechanically everything works well.

The CL valve is a revolutionary design that incorporates a Y-shaped airstream. It offers the following:
- eliminates pop on moving from open trombone to valve(s) engaged
- *very* short valve throw; the rotor only moves 45 degrees rather than 90. You barely have to pull on the valve at all to engage it.
- air path through open valve completely straight; air path through engaged valves very efficient.
- very even blowing response between open and valved configurations. This instrument is unbelievably nimble around the valve register.
- darkens the sound of the instrument from that of a regular modern Conn 62H.

Here's some diagrams showing how it works. These are linked from, where there is some more marketing bumf about the valve about halfway down.

This is a great dark-sounding bass trombone - get the modern Conn bass trombone sound with an extra layer of velvet on it... I used this for a lot of semi-pro bass trombone gigs as well as all my brass band stuff for over a year. So why am I selling it? I make quite a dark sound naturally, and this is just "too much of a good thing" when coupled to my personal way of playing. I enjoy playing it, but only find myself playing it rarely now. Somebody else deserves the chance to play this very responsive instrument. I am looking for £2600 for it - a real bargain, as new in this country these cost well over £4000. The link I supplied at the top to Trevor Jones's price list gives a new standard 62H at £2779 - this is your chance to buy the upgraded model for less than the price of the standard model.

A mouthpiece can be included if you desire - contact me, and we can discuss.
My contacts are Dave Taylor, 01865 717765, 07969 000746,
Prospective buyers are very welcome to come to try the instrument - I am based in Oxford. I am also happy to play the instrument down the phone, or meet somewhere within reasonable distance.


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Bumpity bump... If you like the look of the instrument, but don't like the price, make me an offer...


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I'd take £800 plus your 73H plus a fair bit more... Bearing in mind that my 73H cost me an admittedly extremely bargainous £500 a couple of years back...


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Oops sorry, thinking of someone else. I do play tuba... Probably not interested as a trade as I want to use the money for something else - but do you have any photos of this Imperial Eb? Is it the later version with the 19" bell?


It's a small bell, frosted silver. Bit beaten up around the bottom bow but other than that seems ok.

It's with a friend at the moment, he was thinking of buying it but has had it for 4 months! Il give him a nudge. Would you be interested in a small bell one? It is compensating and all that.


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Hmm. Probably not. Not that they're bad instruments, but I'm not in great need of a tuba of my own, and would probably be reselling it. Cheers.


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