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John Brooks

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I've been listening to this recording by Sun Life Stanshawe and wonder if anyone can identify the trombone soloist in Bone Idyll? I think it might be Stephen (?) Walkely.

Pauli Walnuts

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Here's info from Steve:

Yes I recorded Bone Idyll with Sun Life Stanshawe Band around 1980 ish. Think it was on an LP called Conductors Showcase. Derek Bourgeois wrote it for me as part of a Granada Band of the Year Programme that he wrote or arranged in its entirety. It was an adaptation of the King's drinking song "Old Ale" from his Opera "Rumpelstiltsken". It was a reflection of Derek's quirky sense of humour that the original title of the piece was Napoleon - for brass band and bone apart. But the publishers didn't like that title so it became Bone Idyll (i.e. bone idle).

James Yelland

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It was one of my most cherished LPs - a stunning performance of Ravel's Alborada, sparkling tongue-in-cheek wit in Philip Lane's Yodelling Brass, and a sumptuous arrangement of Mozart's Ave Verum Corpus. And of course the highly original trombone solo mentioned above. The tit-bit about it's original title is a gem. Not a weak track on it. It was re-released on CD many years ago.


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