Conductor Requires North East Band


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Im on the look out for any band in the North East who requires the services of a Musical Director.
I've been in banding now for about 19 years as a player and the dreaded fever has struck again.
Im suffering from Stick Itch,I contracted this some years ago and I thought I had got rid of it but alas no.It has returned.
I've worked with the likes of David James,Roy Newsome,Richard Evans,to name but a few..and I have conducted numerous bands.
So if you would like your band to go onwards and upwards please leave your details and I will be touch.


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Take it when you say North East you mean North East of England.
I see you mention you have worked with Mr James he is our MD and we are a band in the North East of Scotland.
Gods Country is Scotland :wink: Ask DJ he will tell you the same.


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Hi Moy,
Yes you are correct!
Im from the North East of England,where you associate the"Waye I Man" Catchphrase.
Glad to see David stick waggling again as I know he had enough of it not too long back!
Last time I worked with David was back in 1999 at a course!

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