Conductor - Band Trainer Available


Over the last couple of years I have been enjoying life as a roving conductor and band trainer, taking on temporary projects and have met many new people and made a few new friends, which has been very satisfying.

Having just completed some interesting projects which involved writing / arranging / composition and some involvement with "Music For Youth". I find I am missing having my own band. So I just thought I would see if anyone was looking for an MD, whether this be in some professional capacity, or resident.

Most of my experience is of course in Champ / 1st sect levels. Prior to me taking the adjudication diploma at Salford, I was MD of Dobcross... although I have had a short stint with Holme where the last contest performance involved a win on Paganini Variations. Prior to this I have been MD of Ever Ready / Carlton Main and Kibworth, as well as a couple of good Northwest bands.

My strengths are, Musicianship, Knowledge and Musicality and the ability to make a good band out of almost any material. I have taken 3 4th section outfits to the Championship section in my career and have always improved bands, so I suppose one of my strengths must be band training. I am NOT a hirer and firer!! I do have a knack of beating much better bands on paper, which has led to being able to recruit good players when vacancies occur.

I am a qualified adjudicator and my music is published by 3 different publishers, so I suppose I am an all-rounder. Having been out of the loop a little bit, I just thought I would see what was out there. I have had a look at a few bands rcently(in fact I conducted 3 different bands last week, a couple which look interesting), but I would like to look at what options are vailable at the moment.

I suppose idealy the band would be in need of someone with a successful track record, with good training and man management skills, and where there is real commitment and a well organised management team. I find these situations work best. I am not interested in being involved with band management, but would want autonomy musically.

Anyone wanting a chat (07970) 458079.

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