Concerts with choirs-love or hate them?

I've got a concert this evening and it is again, one with a choir, in fact a ladies choir. I always approach these concerts with caution, because the choirs I have done concerts with are always really bad and seem to make their programme last forever!!! I seem to enjoy them because the band always gets a laugh out of it :oops: :D, but at other times hate them!!! What do others think? Do you hate them or really enjoy them?!


we do one every year and it's usually pretty fun cos we just sit there on the stage laughing at them (discreetly!)


It all depends on the choir. I mean I did a concert with the Morriston Orpheus Choir and that was brilliant, but then there are the rubbish choirs that just can't sing at all and those concerts are pants- although you normally get a good laugh. It's horrible sitting on stage while they sing trying to look like you think it's wonderful without bursting out laughing. :lol: :lol:


Looking at what Keppler just wrote, I remember one choir that we had down in my old band and they did a medley of the Beetles. It was so rigid and without feeling- "She loves you... Ya...Ya...Ya". I spent the entire concert doubled over trying not to burst out laughing. :lol: :lol:


Keppler said:
Rhythm of Life in a ludricrously high key.
Say no more, eh Despot?

I don't mind a high key, but completely out of tune and in a high key!

Extremely funny, as the tune went on they went unintentionally higher and higher, until towards the end it they were just screaming as high as they could!

The band could hardly keep a straight face! :lol:


Well the band was good, shame about the choirs eh Ben?
Nice to see some familiar faces, but didn't expect it to go on for so long!!
Not bands fault.


hate em lol I dont believe that you have to stop the band playing and listen to a group of me/women that so something that everybody can do anyway (whether sounding good or bad, every one can still sing!)
Hate them. I hate sitting around doing nothing on jobs. The only thing they're good for is that they bring in more audience and they give your lip a rest.

Naomi McFadyen

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Most of the concerts that i played in ( in cornwall) with choirs involved were all dreadful!... there was a barber shop choir in plymouth that was really good though.
Best choir i've heard was warrington male voice choir... very good...

but i'm not a fan of those joint concrets really- sometimes they can drag on forever :?


I've never played with one but the ones I've heard can sound impressive as long as the band doesnt try and drown the vocalists out.


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Once played a large concert with Camborne Band and also performing were a shall-be-un-named choir. They kept complaining about the lights being too bright for them, so the technician turned them down (the lights not the choir :lol: ) and as a consequence the band (particularily the deps, me being one of them!) made all sorts of horrendous mistakes becasue they couldn't see the music! A certain F R was conducting this concert, and he wasn't best pleased! :oops: Am sure they were just being awkward! :x

2nd man down

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Difficult one this cos they could quite easily claim that bands spoil their concert too...they'd be wrong of course but...

I for one don't like them, although i always try to show respect for whoever else is on stage by not giggling and laughing. No matter what you're doing I think it takes guts to go on a stage and say look at me, this is what I can do, and I'm sure I wouldn't want anyone guffawing their way through a performance of mine.

Barber shop quartets tho..."Hello, hello hellooooooo..." what's all that cr*p about then??? dreadful.
katej said:
Well the band was good, shame about the choirs eh Ben?

Well, Kate, the choirs were,...........interesting!!!!! :D I hope you didn't see the bass section whilst they were singing-mind you, the whole of the band trying to control themselves! :? Glad you enjoyed it! We certainly got a few laughs through the night! :wink:


Actually went to watch Cory a few months ago with a young male voice choir of about 10 people. I actually enjoyed the CHoir more that night as their programme was something I had never heard before and I thought overall was more entertaining

Don't get me wrong - Cory had some superb parts of the Concert (Dave CHilds and CHris Thomas were awesome, just overall, I was a bit disappointed with them that night- then again, stunning at the wlesh area!


I do a few concerts every year with choirs, and I particularly remember trying to play my way through Bach's Mass in B Minor with some old bint's music resting on my head! We were a bit tight for space so I was right in front of the octagenarian sopranos who were to lazy to hold up there own music. Mind you I had some revenge in the Agnus Dei when my elasticated bow tie failed under great stress and the metal bits 'pinged' behind half blinding one of the choir members. Said bow tie has been resurrected, loaded with staples for a cluster bomb effect next time!

Dave Euph

Well I sing in a choir (although less and less nowadays), and personally I enjoy it (to an extent) ... but when I play in a band with a choir ... it's not the same ... to me they don't gel ...

Dave Payn

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Well, as someone who is a brass player and who spent 7 years in a church choir and an occasional choral conductor, I like the idea in principle. When I conducted Epsom and Ewell a few years ago, we did a joint concert with the Stoneleigh Choral Society, and played a programme of excerpts from Handel's Messiah, a few individual numbers each without 'hogging the limelight' (sharing the conducting with the choir's excellent director) and finishing up with Gordon Langford's Christmas Fantasy for band and choir. Overall, after an uncertain start, I enjoyed it thoroughly. Choir was in good voice and audience was very appreciative.

However, last year, what was supposed to be Fulham's Xmas concert was 'hijacked' by this 8 piece vocal ensemble, who, despite being rather good, hogged the limelight considerably and I for one was glad when it was over. It can work both ways. If band and choir are on form, it can be an enjoyable musical experience.

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