Concerto De Aranjuez - Has it been used in any other films?


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can somebody clear this up for me :?:
whils listening to one of my band CDs at work the other day one of my mates came up and said he recognised the track that was playing.
It was concerto de orange juice, he said he recognised it from a film. i told him it was in the film "Brassed Off", but he said it was also played in another sound track.

I told him that i would post it on here in the hope that the arguement could be resolved. (In my favour of course :wink: )


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Dont think so, maybe he recognised the guitar version from another film? Unless theres been a dodgy remake of brassed off made at some point?? :?

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I have a vague memory of the original guitar and orchestra version being used in an old Sixties caper film which I saw once on TV. Someone (I think it may have been John Williams) was playing it in a concert, while the film's central character / hero was using the sound of the concert to cover up his cat burglary on a next door roof.

If the cat burglar had had any sense, you would think that he would have chosen a concet of Wagner music instead! :D


Not the band version I'd say, but that's a very popular "light classical" piece. It pops up all over the place!

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This might help solve the riddle.

Rodrigo Scored the Music for the Following Films:

Sor Intrépida (1952)
Guerra de Dios, La (1953)
Hereje, El (1957)
Músicapara un jardín (1957)

"Concierto de Aranjuez." (written in 1939) has been used in the following Films:

Don Juan Tenorio (1952)

Naked Maja, The (1959)

Rio Bravo (1959)

Casa del l'esorcismo, La (1974) - also known as "Lisa and the Devil," this movie uses an arrangement of the "Concierto de Aranjuez," by Paul Mauriat, which was released on the Philips label. The "Conciertode Aranjuez," is used extensively and the movie theme music is based on some of the concerto's phrases.

Brassed Off (1996)

Finding Forrester (2000)

Years ago, the Concierto de Aranjuez was used as the soundtrack for an American TV commerical for an automobile, the Chrysler Cordoba. Ricardo Mantalban spoke the voice-over, mentioning that the car was upholstered in "rich Corinthian leather."
There is also the posibility it could be part of a Film Soundtrack Compilation CD. A few were done around the time and I know somw stuff from Brassed Off was used.

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