Concert Etude

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tubagod said:
does any of you know where i can find "Concert Etude" by goedicke?

We have a version with brass band accompaniment. The arrangement was made by William Gordon. This is the version that tuba player Patrick Sheridan played on the New York Staff Band CD called Blazing Brass.

Here's the link;

The solo part for our version is for Bb (trumpet) but if you wanted a copy for Eb as well, I know where to find one! :wink:
Send me an email or a PM.


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Lake Music have an Eb version, you can get a downloadable solo part and ordering info for the band set on We've done both arrangements recently, and I preferred the Lake one - much more interesting/better band parts imho.
(sorry WoB! :( )

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Our band version is in concert G Minor (I'm led to believe this is the original key) and the Lake band version is in concert C Minor.
The Lake Eb solo part is the same as our Bb solo part, so it is their band accompaniment that has been written in a different key, not the solo part.

As mentioned before, if you want an Eb solo part to go with our version of the accompaniment then please email or send a PM.

While doing my research, I discovered another version for 12 Bb trumpets!

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