Completely Catherall - Reg Vardy (Ever Ready) Band


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One of two new cds purchased over the weekend, this recording showcases the arranging skills of Alan Catherall. There is definitely a particular art in being able to arrange as Alan does, seeing the potential in works written for other mediums, and finding appropriate solutions to the problems of moving from one to the other.

He also has the knack of interpolating other tunes, as is seen here particularly in "Yellow Submarine", "76 trombones" and "In the pink". The music here covers a wide variety of styles and is a most enjoyable mix, with several of the tracks making very effective use of the tuned percussion to accompany soloists.

The band itself is on good form, although I could have done with a fuller, more sustained sound for the "Great Gate of Kiev". On the whole, though, there can be few complaints, with soprano, flugel, euph and bass trom ( :wink: ) all having their chance to shine.

If the programme appeals, well worth exploring, and it good to see such skills rewarded in such a way. Incidentally, the sleeve notes refer to Ray Farr being in part the inspiration behind him starting to do arrangements, and Ray is to be found here, helping out the percussion section. I've a feeling that the band may well be selling them direct, but in the meantime here's a link to the worldofbrass listing:


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PeterBale said:
I've a feeling that the band may well be selling them direct
Indeed they are Peter - and I received mine within a couple of days of sending the cheque. And a very enjoyable listen it is too.

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