James McFadyen

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I agree, the price per bar method is usually used for typesetting prices.

To price yourself is a tricky business, when I started taking commissions about 5 years ago, I charged £70 per minute of music, but I was 18 at the time and my 'compositional voice' wasn't as mature is it is now. I value my own style and voice and that's why I charge a little more than the najority of the competition, but again your fee is only appropriate if people are willing to pay for it.

I would suggest £100 per minute of music and see how that go's for a while - look at it this way, if you get commissioned to write a 10-minute arrangment, and let's say it takes you a week, including the typesetting and printing, you've just made yourself £1000 for a weeks' work! :wink:

Of course you'll need to pay ur own tax on that. :cry:

Hope that helps a little :lol:

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