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Can anyone please advise me on the laws relating to collection buckets.

I was recently told by someone that all collection buckets/tins should be sealed. Is this true?

I personally feel that open buckets make for an easier collection as people can throw the money into a bucket rather than place it in a covered tin.

Any advise most welcome!
I'm not sure what the law is but in our Salvation Army band we have to have our buckets covered now when christmas caroling. I thought that was just for safetly tho!


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I'm pretty sure it's true. I think there are also laws regarding the slot size. Oh and you must remember when collecting that it is an offence to shake your tin!! :?


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My understanding is that the containers used should indeed be sealed, and the aperture must be small enough to prevent anyone from removing any of the money deposited. Also, depending on when and where you are collecting you may find you need special permission either from the Local Authority or the owner of the premises, or even both.
As already stated there are rules on what you can legally use to collect with, and what permission you might require for collecting at a particular site - the local council are always the best place to start for street collections, otherwise i believe it is up to the site owner whether permission is given or not.

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Yes, you definitely need a bucket or tin that is both sealed and unopenable except when being emptied.

You also need a street collecting licence from the local council, and permit badges from the HMSO for the collectors.

The tins/buckets should only be opened in front of witnesses, and the contents counted in front of the collector, who should be told of the total. An audited account of the collection should be sent to the council approving the collection.

This will all change with the new laws, now expected next April, which will also allow bandsmen/women to go drinking all night, but prevent them playing in public places without a licence (including carol playing).

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