Closing Threads. Its my ball and i'm taking it home!

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As with my most recent thread, it does seem that any attempt to steer an argument or develop a discourse in a direction that perhaps is not stated in the original narrative and statement is almost impossible as threads are closed down.

Further to this, as I experimented with in my aforementioned thread (perhaps unfairly as Jan's first language I assume is in fact not english) when one makes a comment against, or pokes fun at the spelling or linguistic skill of a moderator the end result tends to be the closing of the thread. I raise this as the feeling of "its my ball" about the moderators attitude is prevalent and even vociferous in their closing of threads they don't like or they think are no longer relevant. If this is the policy, surely it needs to be permitted to edit and adapt an original post.

Discussion develops and it seems the original post and development away from it is often used (as today) as an excuse to close them.

Sorry to use such a sesquipedalian style.
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Hells Bones

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And here we go yet again. You're about as subtle as a sledgehammer to the testicles.

Like JonP, CplCharisma, Baritastic and all the trolls before you, you come on, have a go at the mods and then complain when they give you some stick back.

The rules are simple. Follow them (Like the majority of posters on this forum do) and you will no fall foul of any of the modding team.

Don't follow them and they will uphold the rules as is their prerogative as mods.

When one of your first threads is a very obvious swipe at the moderation team, you're asking for trouble.
Im only asking what i consider to be a reasonable question hells.

Im pretty new to this forum and although I did catch some of the cplcharisma stuff i have not experienced the others first hand and so can't really comment. I thought that the dyke related threads by the cpl were also closed down early.

Your answer about the rules is absolutely fine, and fair, but impractical, here is why I think so:

I don't see how I broke the rules or anyone else in my previous thread, but as soon as I brought to Jan's attention that he was making up words (in english i hasten to add) the thread was discontinued on the premise the original post had been answered. As far as i know pointing out weaknesses in members grammar and spelling etc is not against the rules. I stayed well within them as i understand it, so why was the thread closed down.


Discussion, argument, debate and discourse develop, and as such it seems a little pedantic to be closing threads because they have veered away from the original post, which in the case of this forum (and this is new to me) cannot be edited after 5 minutes.

I mean all of this in the spirit of this "suggestions and how to" area of the forum.

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