Clarification: Advertising your band's concerts


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Please note that we have had several people recently submitting details of their concerts to the 'User News' section of tMP. Having discussed this amongst ourselves, the team have decided that such announcements should always be posted here in The Auditorium (as well as the tMP Calendar) as this is the place where people are likely to look first for any forthcoming concert. Any such announcements submitted to User News will be moved to the Auditorium.

Also, please endeavour to always include the date and location of the concert within the thread title - this would help the promotion of the event enormously.
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Can I just draw people's attention to this rule clarification once more please, as we are still getting concert and event announcements submitted as news items!

Unless it's me, the Calendar isn't working.
Nothing s showing past December 2010 ... and, while I accept *I* may not have permission to add concerts, NOTHING is showing for 2011 at all.

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