Christmas presents

So, here in Denmark we get all of our presents Christmas eve...
Here's my list:
A DVD-player
A headset for my computer
A gift voucher for 10 brass cds 8)
A gift voucher for a tenor horn gigbag
A purse

What did you get?

Naomi McFadyen

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well, my dads in church just now so I'm still waiting to open any other pressies I may or may not have...
But so far, some chocs, £200 (never know, may get out of the red by new year!) and my own website url ( Thanks to my brother! :D) :D so, not doing too bad so far! :D

Will post again later

Merry Christmas to you all! I'm off to set up my new site! :D
Well I got a minature/ornamental trombone, whilst my daughter got a Conn 88h, santa screwed up somewhere me thinks!, coz Ive been a very good boy!

Naomi McFadyen

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whoohooo! I got 2 toolkits!
They're well good... one's a tourch tool kit... Powerful Lantern with tool kit and Blinking Light! :D has a spotlight, blinking light for emergency use (twin or single); twin red colour shaded reflector to maximize visibility... tool set includes: hammer, screwdrivers, slip joint pliers, hex keys set and adjustable wrench...

get them in Safeways I'm told! :lol:

The other tool kit is FULL of various different screwdrivers and stuff...


A poster
A cute ickle scarf thing thats a teddy bear :) hard to explain.
Some day of the week socks.
Bob the Builder bubble bath.
3 kinder Eggs.

And abit of money from my gran and uncle.


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Well ihad some new 5.1 speakers for my pc,
A web cam
socks :lol:
socks :)
some money
socks :cry:
erm oh yer and another 100 blank cds :p
some other stuff :wink:
merry christmas everyone


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this year was pretty good

beer fridge
silent brass system
fancy shaving kit
fridge magnet bottle opener

and best of all...

"The Hulk" boxers

ah, the wonders of christmas!


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A quiet Xmas for me this year:
A PS2 game when I havent got a PS2, there was me getting all excited that I was getting a PS2 when Parental Units said 'Oh we thought you already had one' Doh!
Socks n Chocks
A jumper (how predictable!)

and thats it, well apparantly my new car back in the summer was my Xmas present....

Is it just me, or does it not feel like Xmas at all this year?
One of them Silent Brass thingys (You think they're trying to tell me something?!)
Loads of CD's and other random stuff!
Can't help noticing that as you get older, the amount of presents you get starts to decrease dramatically :? :) !! And i'm only 14, there's no hope!! :)

Naomi McFadyen

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yes, the number of presents starts to decrease, but they usually get more expensive and last longer! ;-) then it'll get to the age where they'll decrease and get smaller at the same time... and cheaper... hehe :roll:



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Well I had a very homely set of prezzies this year:

New wok
Doormat (YAY!!!! I did actually request this!)
Toaster that works!
Bagpuss-coloured teacosy :?:

Pretty good I reckon!

Rach x


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New Peter Kay VD. Laughed so much they had to call th'ambulance.

Oh and some CDs, beer and a large stack of curry ingredients. Hmmmm.



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I got loads of nice pressies this year- an mp3 player, 2 nights away in whitby for my bf and I, kitchen blow torch, some knee high stripey winnie the pooh socks (can it get cooler than that??!)
Lots of Chocolates, Biscuits, Tea, Coffee and other consumables
Christmas Apron and Teatowel
Spice Rack and Teapot.
(Does everyone think I spend all of my time eating or cooking?) :cry:

Gold Earrings (from my children) :)

But my best presents were from friends at band

A China Mug with 'Nota Bene for Musicians' inscribed on it and the following definitions of musical terms

p - piano(soft) - the neighbours have complained
f - forte(loud) - the neighbours are out
Crescendo - getting louder - testing the neighbours
ff - fortissimo (VERY load) - to hell with the neighbours
pp - pianissimo(VERY soft) - the neighbours are here
Dim - thick
Obligato - being forced to practice
Rit/Rall - reaching the bit you haven't practised
Con moto - I have a car
Allegro - a little motor car
Maestro - a bigger motor car
Metronome - person small enough to fit into a Mini
Lento - the days leading up to Easto (with eggo and chocco and things)
Largo - brewed in Germany(Handels Largo reaches parts other beers cannot reach)
Piu Animato - that rabbit will have to go
Interval - time to meet the players in the bar
Perfect Interval - when drinks are on the house
Cantabile - singing (that is, viz. drunk)
Cantata - a fizzy drink
Con spirito - drunk again
Tutti - ice cream
Coda - served with chips
Codetta - child's portion
Chords - things organistes play with one finger
Dischords - things organists play with two fingers
Suspended chord - for lynching the soloist

I think I will take it to work so I can have a little smile when thing get frantic or boring :D

My other present was the book 'The Trumpet - Howard Snell'
I have read a couple of chapters and it makes a lot of sense so I think I will be making a lot of use of it in the months to come :D (Maybe it will help me with Tristan Encounters) :wink:


i got some random presents....

Eddie Izzard Sexie video.
A thumb piano!! (random african instrument, anyone fancy writing a concerto for band and tumb piano?)
"the most comfortable socks in the world" which are actually quite comfortable.
a slinky
and more to come


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