Christmas Playing

What Christmas playing do you do?

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busking is best..u can make mega poundage by gettin 4 of u together and goin round all the pubs u know,couple of carols in each pub and a wish u a merry crimbo... most are dead appreciative for the crimbo cheer and ****heads put loads of money in! :D


xmas playing

Rothwell Temps still play around the village on christmas morning and around the christmas tree for community carol singing on xmas eve (usually with yours truly conducting and dave roberts playing...)
Are there any other top 15-20 ranked bands who still do this? or other top section bands for that matter? - just interested to find out

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Blimey Charlie, are we thinking about Christmas already?:rolleyes: Well, seeing as you asked...

Wigston do a mix of all of the above, but most of our playing is in supermarkets these days. I've done my fair share of street playing (I've got all sorts of "valves freezing up" stories..:shock: ) we always do a Christmas concert too which is free admission!! Plus some nice carol concerts.

Just about the only street playing we do now is on Boxing Day in the streets around the bandroom. We have done it for 70-odd years now but it's looking a little dicey this year (at this early stage). If we don't do it I'll really miss it as it has become part of my Christmas, plus it give me an excuse to drink sherry at 10 in the morning... :eek: :guiness

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