Christmas Finally Arrives In Wem


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Christmas finally arrived in Wem this Saturday (17th December) as the Wem Jubilee Band played in their Annual Christmas Concerts.

The whole Day was started off at 2 pm when our beginners section was introduced onto the stage by the Senior Bands MD Mr Roger Thorne.

The begginers have been under the tutelage of Mr John Roberts, who unfortunately was unable to attend due to work commitments so the band was conducted by Mrs Karri Anson.
They Played a lovely selection of music including German Tune, Christmas Hymn, Christmas Popade, We Wish You a Merry Christmas and Jingle Bells.
awards were then presented for the most improved beginner (the Barron cup), and Junior of the year (the Highmore cup)
The band left the stage to a huge round of applause.

Roger then introduced the 1st part of the Youth Band Concert. We decided to finish the 1st half of the concert with a showcase of young talent from the youth band.
We started with a quartet featuring the bands principal cornet (Faye Hocknell), 2nd man down
(Jake Rutter) Principal solo horn (Emma Hocknell) and euphonium (Roxy LLoyd) they played a wonderful arrangement of Wouldn't it be loverly from My Fair Lady.
Next came our soloist, and 2nd horn player 9 year old Angus Carrol. Angus has only been with the band for 3 months having been promoted up from the beginners in September. He played (very admirably I might add) Little Donkey.
The half was fnished by a duet of Alex Birch (3rd man down) and Henry Traynor (2nd solo horn) playing a
march. so ended the 1st half.

The second Half brought the whole of the new look youth band to the stage.
September saw the promotion of a number of players from the beginners band as well as 2 new players who had heard the band performing during the summer and wanted to join.
26 young musicians took to the satge with their conductor Mr Craig Foskett (that would be me) and opend up with Jubilee Fanfare, a piece originally written by me as a quartet, but adapted specially for the youth Band for this concert.
Also joining us on stage as compere for our performance was Roger Thorne, and a guest (and good friend of mine) Mr Steve March playing principal 3rd Eb bass.

The band went on to play a selection of music from the pen of Gary Young, music written specially for youth bands, these included Portsmouth (portsmouth rules OK!), The British Grenadiers and Young 'N swinging. The band also played one of Rogers fine arrangements of Frere Jacques.
The audience were invited to join in with the band singing 3 carols: Once in Royal Davids City, Hark the Herald Angels Sing and everyone's favourite Away in a Manger.
Before the band played their final piece, Awards were presented to two of our players.
Matthew Wright was awarded the Edge Cup for Youth Band learner of the year, for his streling work in the 'shedbuilding' department, And Roxy Lloyd was awarded the Thornes Music Cup for most improved player in the Youth Band.

Time for the band to play their final piece, again from the pen of Gary young, and a chance for our principal percussionist to shine in Lets Rock and Roll.

Thanks were given to all who helped to make the afternoon such a huge success before the band stood and sang We Wish You A Merry Christmas.
A great way to say thanks for all the hard work that the parents have put in ferrying our band about over the last 12 months.

All in all the concert was a huge success, watched by an audience of well in excess of 200. A fantastic end to what has been a fantastic year for the whole youth section of The Wem Jubilee Band.

Next year sees the Youth Band start to work on more engaements, including a prestigous concert in Shrewsbury's St Chads Church for the Charity Child Relate On March 18th.

Merry Christmass everybody

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Great news Craig, and it's super to read that you, Kari and everyone else at Wem are all doing such a great job with Wem youth band.

Wishing you further success and development in 2006.


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thanks for that John, it really has been a great year for everybody involved. and next year is already looking like a fun year.

Merry Christmas



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It was a truly wonderful day, the little'uns had me gobsmacked and Mr Foskett looked rightly proud.

Wem is a fantastic organisation and demonstrates what happens when a group of dedicated people with a shared goal get their heads down and work hard.

I have also never seen people so pleased to be rewarded by their band, it was so pleasing to see.

Kick ass in 2006 guys, even if the odd contest result doesnt go your way then you know you have something special.
Having taught the beginners along with John Roberts for the majority of 2005, it is very sad to have finally said goodbye to Wem.

In order for all the children to be credited in the 'beginner' section:
Bethany Hill received the award for the most improved learner of the year.
Nimah Carroll received the award for the learner of the year.

I'm sure that many of the beginners will progress to a wonderful brass banding career as they've had a fantastic start, fingers crossed that will continue.