Christmas Bumper Quiz 2004


its hard,

its hard and i was trying to work out the questions all of last night! til bout 3 in the morning! its darn addictive as well. but its good tho well done!


i only need 7 more!! and this thing is keeping me a wake, because i can't sleep cause its racking my brain! damn you roger thorne!!! damn you!!!!!!!!!!!

(notice the time this was posted) 1:45 or 1:46am depending if my comps slow or not now...

Roger Thorne

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stabbyjnr said:
damn you roger thorne!!! damn you!!!!!!!!!!!
(Hehe) I would like to be able to take all the credit for keeping you up so late, but on this occassion the quiz was constructed with help from other Mods and Admin type personnel.

Hope you're all having fun.



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The rate people are going I reckon most will have finished by Christmas, and I've a feeling that tie-break may prove crucial ;)


sorry if you think this is a stupid question...what do mean by 'hits' in the tie-breaker question? Cheers!


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So if I was the only person on tMP today and viewed 220 pages, there would be 220 hits?


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HBB said:
So if I was the only person on tMP today and viewed 220 pages, there would be 220 hits?
Yup Ben, spot on... but... you're not the only person who visited on Christmas Day eh....:):)

Dave Payn

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Roger Thorne said:
Two Pieces of music donated by Dave Payn
(Mendelssohn's 'Wedding March from a Midsummer Night's Dream (arranged for brass sextet) and
Jeremiah Clarke's 'Trumpet Voluntary for 10 piece with two Eb cornets/trumpets as soloists.​
And if any of you want to know what you're letting yourselves in for with one of my prizes, you can find the Wedding March here:

Needs some breath control in the horn and euph, but.... well there it is! You'll need Scorch to hear it.
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Will the Sec

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Being a (reluctant) bureaucrat for a living, one has to seek clarification.

Do you mean one minute after 23.59 on 6/1/05 or one minute after 23.59 on the 7th:confused:


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Roger Thorne said:
Final reminder:

You have 26 hours left to submit your entry.


Unfortunatley, I don't have time to finish the quiz :( so I will have to turn in a poor incomplete entry.