Chris Botti

James McFadyen

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After buying several Chris Botti CD's (Trumpeter wih the most mellow sound imaginable!!!) I just wondered if anyone one else liked his stuff.

The music is very easing going and mellow, and his tone is remarkable. A very mellow sound out of a trumpet and he makes it sound so easy. He often works with Sting on his albums.

If anyone hasn't heard of him, I would suggest you get your hands on some recordings, coz they are breathtaking! Not technically brilliant but a performance that's delivered with passion and emotion!


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Don't worry James, you're not alone...

I've heard of Chris Botti, he has a beautiful sound. I love the style of music he plays.

And, like you say, nothing he plays is especially 'virtuosic', but he delivers it in such a way, with such an amazing sound :lol:

Another artist, not unlike Chris Botti - in sound and style - is Bryan Corbett.


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Eddie Calvert was one og the first trumpet players I ever heard, as a little boy round my grandad's house (cherry pink and apple blossom white). :lol:

He's great, and just as good as the two I mentioned above, but they are hard to compare or choose between because they are two VERY different styles of playing and music.

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