choosing soloists


I always think the best people to play solos are those who want to do it.
I've played solos for too long to mention now and still get a buzz from doing else can you regularly pull seventy-five year old women who are bound to come up after the gig to tell you how good you were (I think they just love the feedback they get from their hearing aids) On the subject of dying during a solo...I once played a solo on flugel at an entertainments contest (Misty or something like that) with a cork missing from the main water key....sounded like I was playing through a wet sock...strangely enough only won the sympathy prize!!
Back to who should play the solos....If you're sat in the seat, then it's part of the job! Otherwise it may be time to step down.
(I must like it, I've sat on Solo Horn, Flugel, Sop and Principal Cornet..what they call a b****r for punishment!)


The solo trom (Steven Breen, now at Pem) was playing some Scandinavian solo (cant remember which offhand..) and the conductor announced him as the world famous Norwiegan soloist "Sven Breen" who didnt speak a word of english, he stood up, played the 1st note (which was in closed position ) then tried to move the slide, but his safety catch was on!!! he then stated "the F word" quite loudly, and in the awkward silence that followed, you could hear an old lady remarking how quickly he had picked up the language!!! absolutely hilarious!!!

Excellent story!! - why does this sort of thing happen to Trombone players?

I remember doing Hootenanny as a kid and at the bit where the trombones stand up I stood up - however I had my legs tucked under the chair so I tipped my chair up, in trying to grab my chair I let go of my slide and it shot off under the baritones to a startled looking conductor!!

That said I have seen one of this countrys very top solo cornet players doing a solo outdoors when a gust of breeze blow his stand over and his music away - good to see that this sort of thing happens to even the very best.


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Have you ever tried to play when the rather large Eb player is playing bassin the ballroom dressed as a ballerina?

believe me, there are easier things in life.


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Now there's an Idea for our Conductor!!!! :idea: :idea: :idea:

that'd get some audience participation (throwing rubbish I mean!! :p)

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I did Tuba Smarties dressed as a tube of smarties. The costume was made bt the euph player at the time and the hat contained smarties boxes. I still have the costume and the photos and the Muisc Man can confirm this.