Choosing Solo Music

David Robinson

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Students within my state are all invited to a band contest thingy. Not sure the correct terminology, but oh well. You can sign up as a solo, duet, tio, etc., or both. I signed up as a soloist and a trioist (Are those even word :shock: ). I was talking with my director about solo music choices, and we couldn't come up with any good ones. Now, I turn to you guys. I'm looking for solo trumpet music. My range is pretty much the full 2 1/2 octaves, minus a few notes at the top. I want it to be rock or jazz. Try to keep the prices moderately low, as a 7th grader doesn't get much income.


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I agree, the harry james concerto for trumpet is great fun, i love playing it.

Though it went out of print a long time ago, so unless you know someone with a copy, you'll be hard pressed to get hold of it through a hsop.

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