Chocolate Quiz


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For all you chocolate lovers out there, see if you can work out these chocolates from the cryptic clues below.
Answers by pm only please. Answers will be posted at Lunchtime on Friday.

1) Is this chocolate out of this world? (4)
2) You could blow this (4)
3) All singing, all dancing chocolate? (9)
4) Themed chocolate (5)
5) Full Of Eastern happiness? (7,7)
6) Would you ask for this chocolate quietly? (5)
7) Would you get this chocolate as a reward? (6)
8) Headless slipper swapped around to get this one. (6)
9) Alone on a raft eating one of these. (7)
10) The Queen had one blot on her copybook, when she ate one of these. (9)
11) Coloured Sorcery? (5, 5)
12) A thin layer of this Chocolate is still tasty. (5)

Good luck all

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