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Anyone run the Masters test piece "Chivalry" yet? Anyone know if it's any good? Just asking because I'm getting very disillusioned with test pieces of late. In the past year we have had pieces ranging from average to downright shocking. Masquerade was probably the best of a bad bunch to be honest. This year got off badly with Prague... hope it doesn't have to continue!

I'll get back with my views when we've run it!


Not run it yet Chris.

Probably having a blast through it tonight, Although I have had a quick flick through the score & there doesn't seem to be that much in it.

What is there seems to be doubled somewhere else ( horns all in unison etc etc )

Let you know what we think once we've run it.



we've run it a couple of times. Just to releive the boredom of rehearsing prauge.

Its OK not a masterwork but at least a 1000 time better than Ms Binghams effort.

Shades of pagentry and tristen encounters. Plenty of tunes. bit of a weired ending tho'



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not played it through but i've seen my part and a few others...
There does seem to be a lot of unison and section work.. and ellerby seems to have gone a bit "solo-happy". My part has the word "solo" marked above a passage 19 times!!! I presume we'll be running it soon though, I'm looking forward to it, will be a nice change to prague, maunsell farts et all...


I'm told by a friend who's run the piece that its quite cheesy but fairly listener friendly, so it might be a contest that i actually go and watch!

We ran Tallis Variations last night, test piece for the grand shield, what a brilliant piece of music! Such a relief to play something with interesting parts after Prague! :)



We must have been sent the wrong piece !!

It has tunes in it and everything :lol:

1st impressions :-

A little bit cheesy on times ( especially the quote from the Black Magic Commercial !! ) But I like it.
I think that it is one that audiences will appreciate at last & it does have some exposed stuff on Sop & Horn to test out the Bands.


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I must admit to being disappointed by it. I was looking forward to another piece without any tunes in it. :lol:

Although I must go on record as saying that I've enjoyed playing Prague, The Maunsell Forts and Atlantic over the last year, it will be nice to play a piece which is more melody driven. On top of that, it promises to be a test for the bands going.

It does have some really cheesy sections in it. Is there a prize for the best Black Magic impressionist?

Yorkshire Imps


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Cool, as a tubist, I'm always partial to a bit of cheese. At least cheesy stuff is a bit more fun to rehearse! I did have a quick squizz at my part whilst in the library and it doesn't look too taxing on the bass front... which is always for the best! Not sure about having to do the pre-results concert! Sod's law dictates a number one draw for that one!!!


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Just had the pleasure of running through Chivalry tonight. First impressions are that it starts promisingly and has some good ideas, but fails to progress enough later on... a few too many romance themes perhaps? :? Cheesy bits are good though. I think it could end better. On a scale of 0 to 10 (0 being Prague and 10 being Resurgam) I give it 6. Joe Public would probably like this... pity he's always at the footbal when we're all contesting :lol:

Right... BBO

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