Childrens Classic Concert


Apologies for shutting the door after the horse has bolted, but had to congratulate Staines Brass, under the direction of Ian McElligott, on a thoroughly enjoyable concert on Sunday 11th May.

The concert took place at The Royal Festival Hall London, in conjuction with the Finchley School Choir and was compered by Atara Ben Tovim. The performance and its content was entirely devoted to the children in the audience and as well as raising money for childrens charities, it gave the audience an introduction to brass bands and the fun that can be had playing and listening to music.

The programme included well known pieces such as The Floral Dance, Colonel Bogey and English Country Garden, all of which the children were encouraged to join in with their home made instruments!! The highlight of the afternoon however, was a particularly fine performance on xylophone of Helter Skelter.

The band finished the concert with The Finale from the William Tell Overture, when they then invited the children from the audience to come and meet the band and play the instruments.

The Childrens Classic Concert takes place every year and I for one will attend again. Let's hope another brass band are offered the chance of performing next year!

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