Children in Need snaps - batch #1....


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Here's some snaps taken from the tMP CiN event on 21st November 2003. I will post some more as well during the next few days ... enjoy...


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Think i've got a few snaps of you Tim...will get 'em developed tomorrow and hopefully may be able to put em up if i can work out how.

Then your ugly mug can be all over tMP :D :D

OK just realised one major problem...No scanner here at uni, left it at home!!! :oops:


Thanks!! :)

would it be worth putting a list of who everyone is, for those people who weren't there, (and those like myself who were and are very bad with names and faces)?


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hmmmmmm the pink hats name taken in vain there??? i think he looks very trendy with that pink hat (who wouldnt???) :p :D