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Hi All,

I have now received confirmation from the Head of Finance and Operations at BBC CiN who has agreed that tMP can now offer an online donations facility for out tMP CiN Event in Birmingham. :D

You can now pay ANY of your sponsorship through this method, and can of course still send cheques on to Roger Thorne (as we had already mentioned in an earlier thread) if you'd prefer to do it that way. This facility has been introduced to allow people who are not attending the event to donate through tMP.

The online Donations facility allows you to donate any amount to CiN Appeal online and live via PayPal, or by a cheque. This method makes it far easier for me to administer, and also for me to keep you all informed of the Appeal running total which I will update regularly and post here on the forums. The route to the icon on tMP e-Shop is can be found by following;

tMP e-Shop > tMP Goodies > tMP CiN Appeal icon

... the icon looks like this;

... and can also be found by clicking the image above or by clicking here

Please Note: will not take ANY amount from money received via this channel. All donations received will be passed on to BBC CiN as one total donation from the tMP Community & Friends, hopefully live on-air sometime during the course of the day.

Many thanks to you for your support.

Di B

Excellent news! Sure it goes without saying, but whether you are going or not why not make your band aware of this either at rehearsal or via their website?

It is for a good cause after all! 8)


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yeah, and if we can stand up on telly and hand over a check for thousands of pounds it makes us look good, and also the whole brass band movement type thing!

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