Child Protection Policy

Last year Stanhope Silver Band developed a Child Protection Policy as a result of the increasing number of young people joining the band and the junior section. Indeed the membership of the Junior band has risen from 6-7 a year ago, to over 26 now

The policy is straightforward and embodies the principles of relevant legislation. Whilst accepting this is in no way a foolproof system we feel it is a step in the right direction. It also sends a clear message that such issues are being taken seriously in the Banding movement and hopefully will generate confidence with parents and in the community etc.

Eight of our band members have been checked via the CRB, happily they were all clear!
In addition we have in place an equal opportunities policy.

A number of bands have asked for copies of the policies, and we are more than happy to send them on. If you would like a copy please pm me and I will take your details, all we ask is the postage.

Ps. If a similar thread has already been posted, many apologies.
Having recently been at a gala concert in Derby ,I wtinesses a child protection policy in use.

It seems like the availability of photography equipment is increasing day by day ,but the chances of use for memories of kids from a parents perspective is decreasing.

The policy stood/stands that if everybody agreed that the photography was alright then it would be alright to take pictures , but if one person disagreed then there would be a ban. Subsequent to say that during the performance ,cameras were going off from everywhere at the junior band and the chief of the Assembly Rooms ,Derby threatened that if any cameras went off the concert could be stopped.

I'm no totally sure if this is the kind of stuff you were thinking of , but I wanted to bring this subject up for discussion. I'm sure many can see flaws in this system.

For instance ,what were people going to do with pictures which had other kids in the background of ,did they know who these people were? ,where they lived? etc..
Sad to see:(

Vince Greatwood

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More and more aware the deeper I get into this subject that the photography aspect can be a problem, especially if band photograhs are published either in the media or on the internet on the Bands website.
The recomendations of our local area child protection committee is exactly as you parental permision, one objection, no photograph and that it is not acceptable to exclude a child from the photograph because of this, so basically no photograph.
Additionally, if permission is granted, the names of the children should never accompany the photographs where they are published in the public domain.
There are a lot of legal liabilities attached to this subject, having read S.I. CPA 1999 and the local ACPC code of practice and guidlines, there are pitfalls everywhere.
The search continues...............

Will the Sec

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It goes a step further than most people think.

They are no children at our cricket club, and we have little prospect of ever getting any.

That said, we still have to have two people having attended the Child Protection Policy course, because we play against other clubs' colts teams.

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