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Does anyone know if Barry Forgie's arrangement of Chicago has been published, and who by? If not, is there anyway to get hold of a legit copy?


Phil Green

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The piece was commssioned by Fodens and I don't believe it's yet been published. However, as always happens, at least one copie has appeared outside of Sandbach!


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Well, I know its been used (and recorded?) by the Co-op. Does anyone know if it is useable by anyone else, or who I can talk to for more info?


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I don't know if this refers to Chicago, but Prima Vista Publishing are advertising in the BB this week; "coming soon ... new publications for brass from ... Barry Forgie ..."

Best of luck at the weekend Alex!



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Cool! Its not listed in the catalogue but I've emailed them, so fingers crossed.

Thanks for all the posts and pm's everybody 8)

Dave, I just realised your area's this Sunday too, so back at ya!


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