Cheerio Sellers_Bird

2nd man down

Staff member
It's been nice sharing the house with you SB, you'll be missed. (I didn't nominate you by the way!!!) :wink:

Is this the bit where she goes and sits in a bedsit to watch what we all say about her?

*outer door closes, crowd noise subsides.*


Active Member
Bye, I will really miss you, can I have the left over Vodka! :lol:, Only joking. Sorry you're the 1st.


Active Member
Bye! :cry: Sorry to see someone go! We should have all had a drunken brawl so that the eviction would be postponed! :roll: :cry:

Jo Elson

Sorry its a bit late but had work last night. sorry someone had to go, enjoyed the time we spent last week.x


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