BB is aware that a few dubious members have signed up to tMP lately - 'users' that appear to have been created purely to vote for certain housemates.

You now have a choice.

You either post - in this thread - the user names that you've created specifically for voting for you - the number of 'new users' posted by each housemate will then be deducted from that housemate's total votes


BB will analyse the new members and deduct 5 votes per 'new user' that BB suspects was created for/by a specific housemate.

Your call...................

2nd man down

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BOC Brother...I can honestly say...hand on heart that I have not created any new users to vote for me. However, BOC Brother has been a topic of conversation at my band for some weeks and the tMPers there have been imploring other banders to join to vote for me (we have some members who regularly read but have not joined yet) so it may well be that one of those has joined (and I think I have a fair idea who considering the pm I've just received from "onlyjoinedtovoteCrawford") purely to vote for me. Although not reflecting particularly well on me, neither is it beyond the rules for other people to register and then vote.

I give you my solemn vow this has nothing to do with me. Ploughboy has just allerted me to the potential problem that I face to clear my name.

May Huddersfield Town never win a game ever again if I'm lying.


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hear hear 2md. i also have had a few people join primarily to vote for me. including at least one person at work who has been in stiches reading what we have got up to. i dont think any of the candidates that are left would make up another name just to vote forthemselves. i have full confidence that all voting done by the candidates has been above board and totaly honist.even my wife was considering joining last nioght but after seeing this post was totaly put off by it incase she got me into trouble! so in fact by putting in this post BB i think you are stoping people from joining to vote for us!


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Just found this thread.

I have not made up any false aliases, nor would in the future. The 2 people that signed up were both my bratty brother overhearing conversations between my mother and myself, and thought it would be 'funny' to intervene. I appologise, however, as 2md it isn't in the rules, however not in the spirit of the game.


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