CHEATING HOUSEMATES - Please read ..... NOW - Part 2!!

BB would like to announce to all tMPers who are taking an active interest in BB that two of our finalists are shameless cheats.

In the latest task, these two have even been given a chance to 'come clean' about their cheating - and yet again they insist on continuing with the pretence.

A few weeks ago, BB posted a task - a Tune Association Thread task where housemates were required to post within set time intervals - even during the night. This task was very do-able - if only some teamwork was involved.

To be fair, teamwork was involved, but the 'team' not only included 'poor' homicidalbennyboy and 'poor' super_sop - who, in their generosity 'volunteered' to post during the night, but the team also included a tMPer who is not only from outside the BB house, but is from a DIFFERENT COUNTRY.

Now, either a new supersonic jet has been invented in secret that only the above two housemates have use of, or there's been some cheating going on. BB thought the housemates were clever enough to know that BB knows where each post is made from.

I wonder what those who may have voted for the two think of their heroes now? tMPers please post your opinions in the BBLB forum.

The two housemates in question - homicidalbennyboy & super_sop have until 10pm tomorrow night to 'explain all' about this matter, or face SERIOUS consequences.




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OK its time to come clean!

this task i feel is the one that really pulled everybody together.
we really did work hard as a team on this one and yes we did inlist the help!

i felt that we had no chance at all of passing this task as it was impossible for the housemates to stay up throughout the night to post every 2.5 hours.

i made the desicion to contact all of the remaining house mates and put forward a plan. The plan was that two of us would had our passwords over to an overseas member who was willing to help us.

every housemate agreed to this and to keep quiet about it. i am really surprised that nobody said a thing about this and crdit should go to all the members concerned for keeping there end of the bargain.

i would also like to thankk oakiedokieofoz without whom we would never have been able to pass this task! thanks mate you did really well!

I think 2nd man down summed up this one up well in his essay in the last task thread

2nd man down said:
Ah, now…the tune association…This is where I am forced to come clean…The three of us were in this together…Benny and Super_sop did enlist the help of some very willing overseas tMPers but this could not have worked unless I had gone along with it and stayed up till 1:30 in the morning to post the last post before our friends abroad took over for the graveyard shift. This, I think, showed initiative, guile and cunning, as well as disciplined organisation and the balls to suggest it to others in the first place and rather than punishment, I think they deserve rewarding for their actions. One thing is for cetain, you cannot single out the other two, I'm in this with them!!
so there you have it BB i have come clean and as i am the one who instagated this i would like to take full responsability for any punishment that you wish to dish out. the others just went along with an idea that i had.
i await your punishment BB :?

2nd man down

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You punish one, you have to punish all three as far as I'm concerned.

Solidarity Brothers.

(But still vote for me please!!!)
Thank you for your explanation. There will be no punishment for this offence as it is quite a while since it happened. BB just wanted tMPers to be aware of the lengths some housemates were prepared to go to in order to pass the task.



PS. The 'giveaway' was when Mr. Oz, disguised as super_sop, decided to hold a conversation with himself within the thread - this after the real super_sop had posted a stern warning to the other housemates not to do so! Doh!


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BOC Brother said:
PS. The 'giveaway' was when Mr. Oz, disguised as super_sop, decided to hold a conversation with himself within the thread - this after the real super_sop had posted a stern warning to the other housemates not to do so! Doh!
thankyou BB for being so lenient.

i must admit i did chukle when i saw that Mr. Oz had been talking to himself!

Once again cheers Mr. Oz. we couldnt have done it without you.

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