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Further to the recent post by Dave on Christmas Brass CDs, Mr Bale (of 4barsrest and tmp 'witty' comment fame) has provided the above link to Grimethorpes 'White Christmas' Cd at a staggeringly cheap £4.25 + VAT. Also, explore that link further and you will find some excellent Chandos band Cds at the same ridiculously low price.

The pick of them in my view is Black Dyke Mills 'Complete Champions' CD which is (again in my view) some the best playing from any band ever! Contest Music (with the famous McCann Db), Salute to Youth (how fast is that last movement?), Cloudcatcher Fells (massive Fp at the end which blows me away everytime I hear it) and Royal parks (which I am not a big fan of, but the playings great!)/

There are othe recordings from that great Dyke/Parkes era as well as Grimethorpe, Faireys, Sellars, Besses etc

Buy, buy, buy!


P.S I am not a Chandos rep :oops:

The Cornet King

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John I blame you for my bankruptcy. :lol:
I've just ordered 3!!! :D
I had to get Grimethorpe's From Sonnets to Jazz, because Jazz is the only Philip Wiby Test Piece I haven't got.

And for a £5 each, who can complain! :wink:


Even more sad git alert....

I ordered 5 CD's and my bill came to £26 including postage and packing!

Good value in anybody's book.

I'm off to go train spotting now.

(wearing y fronts, thick rimmed glasses and a woolly jumper and sporting an unkempt beard)

The Cornet King

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I ordered my 3 CD's Yesterday at about 2 o clock and they came this morning!!!! P+P was only £1 as well.The CD's are fab.

Another good recommendation! :D :D

Dave Payn

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Indeed Chandos dropped their brass band CD prices about 6-8 weeks ago. (Though HMV here in Oxford Street - renowned for its 'let's charge the maximum' policy - are still selling old stock at between £12-15! I picked up a load of £5-ers from Virgin Megastore of all places!) Great value.


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