Charity Concert in aid of ECHO (a childrens heart charity)

Dear Sirs,

I am in the final stages of organising a concert at St. Johns Church, Elmswell (near Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk) to take place on Saturday 21st February at 7.30pm. This concert is in aid of the charity ‘ECHO’ (Evelina Childrens Heart Organisation); a little-known charity that assists the ‘heart children’ (that is children born with congenital heart defects) that are treated at Guys Hospital in London, and their families. They do this by providing 'wish list' equipment and toys etc. for the heart wards at Guys and then after the children have been discharged with a large support network and events such as Christmas parties etc. This is a charity very close to my family as my own son, James, was born in 2001 with a heart defect. This was so serious that, at two weeks old, we nearly lost him. Had it not been for the care and skill of the doctors, nurses and surgeons at the West Suffolk Hospital and Guys Hospital what could have happened would not bear thinking about.

James is now 2½ and absolutely fine but the time we spent down in London was the most stressful and terrifying time of my life. Echo were there for us when we needed them and this concert is my way of trying to repay something back to them.

I have contacted some of my musical friends and ‘pulled together’ what I think will be a fantastic concert billed as “An Evening of Brass and Voices”. The groups that will be performing are the Euphoria Tuba Quartet, the Nota Bene Acapella Ensemble and, the main group, a ten-piece brass ensemble made up of all the principal players of the Travelsphere Holidays Band. Indeed, as part of the evening, the Travelsphere ensemble will be giving a premiere performance of “A Lullaby for James”. This piece has a story behind it as, being a musician, I used to sing regularly to James. Most of the time I would 'improvise' this melody but the same one cropped up time and time again. Eventually I wrote this melody down and it has been taken by my friend, colleague, and highly respected composer Andy Duncan and used as a basis for this work so it has a particular special place in my heart. Indeed, as well as performing in the Tuba Quartet, I will get the honour of conducting the brass ensemble for the evening and, hence, conducting this piece.

I am keen to make this concert as much of a success as possible for the sake of the charity. Should you have any further queries regarding the event please do not hesitate to contact me via one of the below means.


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Robin, what a fantastic way to raise money and the profile of this charity! I am sure it will be a massive success and I hope to make it along. What more can i add than well done and the very best of luck! Steve March.


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Being a CHD chap myself, would encourage attandance of this concert.

When I left hospital as a baby, my parents were presented with a turkey hamper, by the staff, as it was christmas, and they had lived in the hospital for about 4 months!

Must have been a "thank you for thaking that kod away from us" present.. ;)


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Unstickied - as the date is now past.

Any chance of letting us know how it went Robin?

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