Charity band event - your suggestions/help


TMPers, your help would be much appreciated.

A friend of mine is just embarking on oganising a week long charity event in aid of British Heart Foundation to be held at the University of Sheffield next Feb. She asked me if my band would do a charity concert for her, however even for charity most bands have to charge, albeit usually a reduced fee.

But, I started thinking. I'm sure I could get a scratch band together... then I started thinking, maybe we could make something of this... I dunno, a massed open rehearsal or a scratch band entertainments contest... maybe would could try and acheive a world record in something? a playathon or something...

Unfortunately I am going to be away for the week in question, but I told her that I would see what I could do, ask around.

So now the floor is open.... we have 6 months to come up with the TMPathon in aid of British Heart Foundation - Blow Yourself Healthy or something...

Any ideas?


I would be game to get involved, especially for this good cause. I'm only a few miles up the road from Sheffield.
Anyone else like to pledge their support? A blowathon sounds like a good idea, plus an excuse to get meet some tMPers face to face!
Even if it only raises a couple of hundred quid it all counts.
Come on folks put your name down!

Naomi McFadyen

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I do anything for charity- within reason :p
If I can get some transport I'd be up for going definatly... do we know a date yet in Feb?

(and yes, I'm still thinking of other ideas... some sort of sponsored thing... charity -donations only- concert... maybe a workshop of some sort?... get some big names involved too if we can, that always helps... raffle always goes down a treat... errr)


Naruco said:
do we know a date yet in Feb?

Yes.. the week ending in Valentines day (Saturday 14th Feb to those un-romantic amongst you)

There will be events, mainly of a sporting nature, throughout the week. a number of have a go things and stuff like that. The University is back this all the way, so we should have access to concert venues etc. if we ask nicely.


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yep. I'll jump in and help out, only up road in leeds!!

What about getting besson in on it and lending us a soloist for an hour!! Mr. Webster/thorton, childs, hudson, maybe an hour each!!!!!


well if you have any of these ideas, try and get some contact names, and i'll make enquiries, altenatively if you have any contacts, you make enquiries and pass them on to me.

with a bit of effort we could do something quite succesful i think?

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