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I have had so many people who I have been talkin to complaining about the fee that the Butlins management want to charge band personel to perform at the contest.

When our band recieved the entry details and asked for the £50 fee there was no mention of the extra £12 per person to play.

As we are an unsponsored band this doesnt help and especially so soon after the high costs of attending the National Finals in Dundee.

If this cost stands our band (Old Silkstone Brass ) look at present doubtful as to whether we shall be able to attend. This is a real shame as the band really wants to go.

If bands don't get together and do something this may become common practise if others join in on the "band wagon".

What views do others have.

I think we all need to contest this otherwise there is no point in attending, our band worked out after coach and entry fees even if they won they would break even. Is this what contesting is becoming?........................

Ej (Old Silkstone )[/b]


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Yes, Tracey our contest secretary contacted them, they have said that it is Butlins themselves who want to charge i think we should all get together and all withdraw on principal if we all fall into the trap once others will follow there example. All they are doing is money making.


Its not really anything to do with me as my bands' not going but I think its disgusting!
You should all make a, not a music stand!!


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Skegness Contest

Yes, £386 this covers entry fee and to get players in plus we have been quoted £380 for a coach. In total this will cost our band £766 just to play this excludes any other costs which we my incure. This is more than 1st prize so whats the point in contesting :?: surely it would have been better to have increased the lower section prize monies as in most cases these are the bands which require it the most.


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Heather you said "you should " surley we all should, it's gonna effect the whole movement if we allow this to go on,

i'm all for petitioning butlins I think it takes the ****, just think if Butlins get away with it then next year pontins and so on!

Lets stick together and make our stand!

Big Fella

Must agree with all stated above, £12.00 per player just to play, is stupid.
You would have thought that with the incredible percentage mark up they have on the beer that they would be happy with the amount of profit they make...

Does anybody actually know what it is for ??
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Big Fella said:
Must agree with all stated above, £12.00 per player just to play, is stupid.
You would have thought that with the incredible percentage mark up they have on the beer that they would be happy with the amount of profit they make...

Does anybody actually know what it is for ??
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The fee is being charged by Butlins in order to cover the full range of entertainment etc. they are putting on! 'Top of the bill?', you ask: Keith Harris and Orville :? .

The £12 charge is for day visitors only, I understand the cost of their accomodation includes the 'extra entertainment and use of facilities'.

I feel very strongly about this extra charge. I support my band wholeheartedly, but have absolutely no desire to stay on the complex any longer than is necessary and I am prepared for a very early start on the Saturday morning!

If a protest/petition is to be organised, then count me in!

There is a statement/article about this in The British Bandsman dated 11/10/2003 on page three.


Di B

Maybe Butline think those bandspeople not staying on site will not pay out for beer?

Maybe they should say 'Its £10 to get in but for this you get 4 pint tokens' as that might go down with bandsmen better! :lol:

I do think it is harsh and probably has happened because they don't know enough about bandsmen.... I mean, Keith Harris???!!!! :shock: Whay not just get a karaoke machine instead?

This 'naiveness' makes me wonder about other things.....
will there be suitable warm up/practice areas available?

is the site also open to the general public on the same day? (I believe Pontins warn people it is a banding weekend so not to offend families) The combination of kiddies and bandsmen isn't going to be a fun one as you will feel a responsibility not to get drunk and pass out...

Do they think that bandsmen are going to use the 'other' facilities a lot other than the bar?

I think someone ought to point out to Butlins the amount of money (particularly lower section) bands have, their concerns and gripes over the organisation of this contest and that they should at least correct it next year or they won't have a contest.

A fairer way would be to charge a higher 'entry' fee to those not stopping on site and include the day tickets. At least this way, bandsmen would not get hit by hidden costs which is the main area I think it appalling.


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We (Kippax) have withdrawn because we are not prepared to pay out £12 per head on top of the entry fee - it's exploitation
As for Keith Harris and Orville !!! - Not much market research into the banding psyche there !! ( They probably think we are all 10 year old "Weenies" twirling Batons and glittering with sequins !!)
Seriously, it is a shame, because it could be a great Contest with excellent test pieces.
Perhaps Stan L. could have a word in the right ear before Butlins greed and/or lack of insight into our requirements provokes mass withdrawls and consigns the whole enterprise to the trash can.


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It's awful that they charge so much to allow band's to enter.
All band's should withdraw, and see how Butlin's reacts...



Ok so I do agree with many of the comments made regarding the cost of bands going to Butlins, especially as I represent a Championship Section Band who have to pay £12 for each of the days and yes not all bands in our section have loads of cash. However I think it is important that this contest continues for many of you who play for bands connected with the Coalfields it is part of our Heritage. I for one was pleased that someone had prevented the contest from becoming extinct 50 ish bands have entered many of whom have booked and paid for accommodation on site and if bands do start to make a stand and pull out where does that leave them.

The £12 entry has not been made to secret of, when I received the entry information earlier this year it did state the cost.

Butlins are obviously keen to make a profit and offer a big enough incentive for bands in our section to attend, obviously this has to be paid for. If the prize money had not been set at this level, many of the bands would not have entered.

I suggest we all go to the contest this year and support the event. Following this year we should all lobby the team who have taken on contest and see if we can get it moved to cheaper alternative - Blackpool perhaps!


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If any bands feel the same as us please email me i am really interested who is prepared to fight Butlins about this and who may just give in and pay. We surely can't let this happen can we? if everyone says no then they will have to do something about it otherwise they will loose thousands.


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Skegness Contest

I think that they are just a total lot of money grabbing people. I mean its like they will be getting loads of money as it is from beer and other things so why do they need even more. It gets me really :evil: (mad). If other contest know that people will pay them prices then they will start doing the same at there contests. I think we ought to do a pitition and state that bands wont pay there prices to go to a contest.
Our band went to the final just a few weeks ago and it was cheeper to get in there that it is to a normal contest.

satchmo shaz

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I have read all the comments with interest and have spoken to Mr L, who helped resurrect the mineworkers contest.

Point one,
this is a bit like Pontins only better chalets , facilities, entertainment and so on. They(Pontins) also charge an entrance fee for those NOT staying on the camp......... NB people who stay on site are NOT charged £12.
Point two,
we are sharing a top class chalet for 4 people and it is costing us £90 for 4 people, that is £22.50 each for the whole weekend! which is of course less than 2 day passes!!
Point three,
I have stopped in Blackpool for more years than I care to remember, Luckily mostly good hotels but occasionally, over priced and overated accomodation, last time it was £45 a night for 2 with no breakfast!! then when we got to the contest, my other half who wasnt playing that day had to pay out yet more money,
This year it is going to be a much cheaper option!! :wink: :guiness :guiness ....... or maybe not!! :guiness

This is just another way of looking at it and of course not wishing to pick fault with either Butlins, Pontins or Blackpool venues!! :wink:

PS thanks Mr L and the NEMBBA team for all your hard work in saving this contest and part of our heritage :wink:


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