Change your Dialect with this


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ah's hankerin' t'be a Redneck, they talk so right fine, an' ah when ah read th' translashuns ah was in hysterics!


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May I suggest everyone views tHB's website in Swedish chef - SM's writeup is very amusing!

Lots of love from the Floogel Hurn Bundmeestress!

Rach x


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Has anyone else noticed the random:

"Bork Bork Bork"'s, or the

"Um de hur de hur de hur.". That sometimes appear randomaly.


ah jest knowed thet all yo' local ban's varmints'd like this hyar kind of talk coz of coure brass ban's is th' life an' blood of th' wo'ld


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i have a slightly ruder version of this which helen felching varley showed to me...
slightly too un-politically correct to post here but if you want the url just pm me!!! :)


Hehe, yes, not a good idea posting it on here! I’m amazed no-one in our office got in trouble for all the rude offensive language it came out with, especially some of the great names it called the directors when everyone kept putting the company website in! :twisted:


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I think the moron mode actually improved some of the rubbish we spout on here.... :shock: scary!!


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