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Hornblower RN said:
This REALLY confirms my decision to retire from contesting :lol: :lol:

Naaaah Alan... even though I am from South Wales and am also uncertain of the facts relating to what JS says - surely just to sit back and watch, retire and allow these things to happen is tantamount to agreeing with them yeah. There's no reason not to challenge the status quo.

We need to be vocal and forward thinking, we need to challenge and to come up with alternative ways to manage our movement - both locally and nationally. Challenging the way things are managed and undertaken doesn't necessarily mean we are actually criticising how they are done, but moreover means that we are striving for a quality service, looking for justification from those who we empower to make decisions on our behalf. If we don't question, challenge or demand - then we run the risk of more of these 'areas of uncertainty' occuring.



Ammanford and Rogerstone were JOINT 1st section champions in 2003. Just thought I'd add to the confusion.

Good to see Ammanford have started the season well, as have Rogy.

My guess is any band can play out of their skin in the 1st section at the Brangwyn this year and finish 8th!!! Strong line up eh?

Should be interesting.

Love to Sal :lol:

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