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Bren Rayner
Principal Percussionist
Leyland Band

Vast Band experience (ex Dyke, Desford, Cory, Travelsphere) and available to do depping for recordings, contests and concerts where Leyland's schedule allows.

Specialising in kit and timps as well as general percussion, but don't ask me to play keyboards.

Currently located in Coventry distance not too much of a problem (within reason) and I have all my own kit, cymbals etc.

Give me a call on 07903 923 214

Mr Smiler

Top drawer percussionist

We are not worthy, oh Great One.

I can thoroughly recommend this player to anyone out there. He has on occasions graced our band with his presence. Arguably one of the best kit players in the country. I heard him play a fantastic drum solo with Leyland at a concert they did in Northampton earlier this year - superb!

If you want class hire this man for your band.
(Oh, he also has an incredibly talented brother!)


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Mr Smiler????????????? What in gods name is that about!!!!!!!!

Just remember pal that without me none of you would be possible!!!!!!

Anyway thanks for the tribute (even if it is all true!!!)


Bren said:
Just remember pal that without me none of you would be possible!!!!!

Sorry Bren... Just noticed that comment... you trying to tell us that your his Dad :p :wink: :D he he. Hope all is well matey!
Love to your lovely lady :wink:

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That is my Brother Iain. Without me he'd be nothing!!!!!!!!!

Anyway since my text the other night I have a new band but can't say which for now. Am doing Yeovil with Jag's but will be transfering after that. All ok with missus and Holly.

Best wishes

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