Challenging new euphonium duet !


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I'll listen to it when I get home, as the school computers don't have scorch, but i'd be up for doing it with you Charley! :wink: :roll:


I htink i just found the piece im going to use for my AS ensemble recital. Only the last movement though because thats the only one with real ensemble work the rest is just solo and accomp reli... But a cracking piece. Did any1 listen to her other stuff... I liked the orion sonata last movement!

James McFadyen

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Sounds like cheesy horror music! :?

Some nice stuff, like some of the piano work but spoiled by 'off key' euph parts which don't agree with my tonal ears. Never seems to go anywhere either, just eems to drift from one idea to another.

Last movements good, but I've heard it all before.

Doesn't do it for me, I'm afraid. Sorry.

Give me Sparke anyday! Sorry Yvonne if ur watching.


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I really like it.
Some great duet and accompaniment interaction. Plus don't mind the bi-tonal/atonal effects. Perhaps my Aural isn't as good as yours then James!
I led onto other works by this composer on the site, and I am quite surprised that I hadn't heard of this composer before. Not bad for a lass!! :D
I have to say, in my opinion it looks and sound more like a piano concerto!!!!!!!

The piano player is gonna be worked hard.

The only duet playing is in the last movement so I wouldnt really class it as a duet.

I'm not a euph player, but I think it is awful.



Highams said:
Thought it would stir things up a bit ! very bold for a first attempt ?

Tim, did you listen to mov.2 of Orion ? the best I think ?

No i didn't... will give it a listen though... I get kind of annoyed with slow movements on sibelius... they are far to rigid!!!! just annoys me sometimes when im working on a composition.


gotta admit that second movement of the orion sonata was gorgeous... i'd love to hear it played live!!!


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Mixed opinions... Some nice moments - particularly when the Euphs aren't playing...! But musically it doesn't seem very cohesive - the development of ideas is blocky - a motif is given one way repeatedly but not any other, before being discarded for another; there's little sense of a blended flow of musical argument. Perhaps the composer would argue that this is what is intended to be conveyed? I'm afraid that even with that proviso this doesn't quite work for me.

The Piano part is more managable this time! I think - or perhaps my fingers are just feeling twitchier tonight. On the other hand, that last note for 1st Euph - a top E dimming away ever so slowly to nothing. That's not so very simple...

Apologies for not loving it - I know it can be much easier to put the boot in than to compliment, and also that I tend to be overcritical in these matters!


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