Cereal (Now with a "both" option)

Cereal: Morning or Night

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Morning or Night

Personally I prefer eating cereal at night, partly because I'm not awake in the morning!

What do fellow tMPs think?


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I never wake up early enough in the morning to eat cereal, I get out of bed 10 mins before I'm supposed to be at the bus stop :oops: So I eat it at night, I'm eatin some now. Choco-flakes and banana flakes together! :D Yum!!

Big Twigge

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Personally i like cereal...but I get full v quickly and then about 20 minutes later I'm starving.....

Marmite on toast for me, morning, noon or night (with optional extras!)


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Lol, I eat it whenever I can, i'm not usually up in the morning to be able to eat it :roll: :lol: So I try to eat it when I can fit it in, :D


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I eat cereal whenever i feel like it.
My housemate eats the cereal with milk but then pours all the milk down the sink! What a waste! does anyone else partake in this frankly bizarre and scandalous habit?

Okiedokie of Oz

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IK don't like milk when it's milk...
but when it's falavoured by all the cereal's sugars and such, milk is yummo!!!!!

Cocopops Milk
Froot Loops Milk
Nutrigrain Milk (sometimes)
Honey-O's Milk

I am a flavoured milk gourmet in training I think. I love a good milkshake!


I eat cereal without milk. And I can eat it any time of day. Although if I eat it in the morning (i.e. 8am ish) I get really hungry around 11am, but if I don't eat it I don't get hungry. Strange.

Okiedokie of Oz

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I can relate to that. I am currently on a massive diet to shed a few extra kilos before the next Streetmarch and I find I can go for gold if I skip breakky and keep the fluids up. If I eat.....I have to keep eating


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MMMMMMMMm this can be as mouth-watering as the biscuit debate! I can eat cereal anytime, especially frosties and special K red berries. Yuuuuummmmmmeeee!!!


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What were those things called that had litttle marshmallow stars in them? They were boss. Very sweet though so they might have been an evening only option!!!!


Lucky charms!! With that little green irish geezer, do they still make them?!?

Can't be doing with breakfast meself, unless someone else has cooked me a full english i'd rather have the extra 5 minutes in bed!


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That's the one!!!!!!!! Donno, I'll investigate when I do my pre- Albert Hall booze run!!! Cava, sweeties, crisps and fruit. Oh and more cave. Canny wait!! And ybe some lucky charms....they're magically delicious!!!


i'm more of a full english man myself but if cerial is on the cards then crunchy nut cornflakes are the daddy! Day or night!

Yup, i'll be leading the band astray on wednesday, esp gaz..look out :lol:


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