CD's versus Downloads during Pandemic

John Brooks

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I've been wondering about the future direction of recordings, particularly of bands which has always been a niche market. I've started to use download options over the past year or two, even though I am old school and prefer to hold a "product" in my hands. Now that we are well into the impacts of COVID-19 especially, for the purposes of this discussion, the lockdown regulations that many countries have in effect, including here in Canada, I'm surprised that there are still a significant number of new and newer recordings not available for download. This includes but is not limited to the latest Black Dyke release of music by Derek Scott. I ordered some CD's not available for download from the UK and US just before the impact of the pandemic and those have still not been received.

To put this topic in perspective, I realize that we are living in the "new abnormal" and there are many more important things to be concerned about. That said, I will be interested to read any comments.