cd - The Arban Collection


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I've just listened (twice!) to my copy of the Arban Collection that I picked up on Saturday. It is one of those recordings that either makes you want to go home and practise for hours on end or to give up, and I've still not decided which to do!

The disc contains some phenomenal playing by Russell Gray, and the lighter tone of one of Arban's own cornets really seems to help in this repertoire. Even though the whole recording consists of Arban solos, there is a good deal of variety, both in the piece themselves and also in the accompaniments, ably played by Fodens - at least they didn't get Russell to conduct as well. I was particularly struck by John Wallace's setting for the Fantaisie sur Acteon, but all the accompaniments are very effective.

According to the sleeve notes, Russell is hoping to record a further 9 solos in due course, and I for one will look forward to that issue in anticipation. One last point, lest some are put off by the possibility that tuning may be suspect with an old instrument being used, Russell has successfully overcome whatever problems may have been involved, and no allowances have to be made whatsoever.

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