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A cd recording machine is currently being marketed by a certain music shop, primarily as a rehearsal devise. Many md's use mini disc recorders for rehearsal and concerts. If a band records its own performances and then sells cd's ,does the band need any permision from anyone? Bands used to pay money to the prs each year but this doesn't seem to happen anymore.


I have just completed a CD for St.Mary's Parish Church, recorded live on minidisc and copied to full size CD.

A license is required from the PRS, and a detailed form filled in with all performance details, arrangers, composers & publishers etc & number of copies.

On receipt of the license, we can market these as 'Promotional copies, not for sale' and will ask for a donation in return of £10 towards Church funds.


There is a company called MCS (I think) that you have to register with. You pay them 8% of all profits from any recording or public performance and they sort it all out.

It saves a lot of hassle.

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