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I recently bought 6 pieces of music from but they have yet to arrive. I dont know anything about the company as i found them on the Net and used them because they had a good selection of what i was looking for. I tried to leave a voicemail but this was full and as yet haven't received a reply by e-mail.

Has anyone else used this company and is the response normally as slow? The cheque has been cashed but as yet no music has been received. Do I need to worry or are they sound? :?


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I know Derek Chapman who has Castle Music.
He is a brass instructor up here in Aberdeenshire.
Think the company is still going but if you have any probs let me know and I will enquire.
Castle Music are a good supplier.

They seem to have a problem with newly installed software on their website

Roger Thompson
Wright & Round


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Yeh - Derek is a good guy and I am sure the company is still going.

He is usually one of the quickest suppliers........although a small company you usually get quick personal service which a lot of the others lack. IMHO


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I've had great service off castle music whenever I've ordered on the Net, A freind of mine has something published with them and if he wants to contact them he has a real nightmare!!

But for customer service A+++


Sorry folks, but I have to disagree with you all. I have had on order for three months two pieces of music, and despite numerous emails and attempted phone calls have heard nothing.

Thankfully no money has been taken, and I decided enough waiting and ordered from elsewhere. Last year I got four or five pieces no problem, but this year the service is none existent.


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Still no sign of the music or signs of life at Castle Music. The answer machine is full and not accepting any more messages and this has been the situation for a couple of weeks. No one is replying to e-mails and it's looking bleak. Its either very poor customer service or the company is in trouble. If you want music for this years programme I would advise bands to shop elsewhere. As for our band we will have to play the same tired stuff until someone from Castle Music gets in touch as we cant afford to buy music twice :(

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