Carlton Brass Pontins Line Up


Carlton Brass (Nottingham)

Pontins line up with new additions

Carlton Brass is pleased to announce that Lee Palmer has joined the band on 2nd trombone. Lee has recently played with Nottingham City Transport Band and has also played with Ransomes, Thoresby, Newstead Welfare and many other top section bands. Lee’s presence brings back together the former trombone section of the old Ireland Colliery Band as he joins forces with his old friends Alan Carlin and Gary Newton. Also making a return to the band is Mandy Cheetham on 1st horn covering for Callum Bruce, Mandy is also joined by Di Bonsor from Matlock band. Di is playing on Euph in the absence of Gary Glover. On the percussion front we also welcome Alan McKenzie from the Nottinghamshire Police Band; Alan is covering for our young ‘enry who can’t make the contest.

Di B

Coo! I got a mention! :lol:

Do I get a beer too? :wink: :guiness :guiness

I must be insane though to VOLUNTEER to sit between Wink and Phil! :lol:

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