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Having some problems with the old Shrek-mobile today (and yesterday in fact). Seems to be over revving of its own accord, so it's basically bloody noisy and revving when the clutch goes down to change gear. When in gear it sounds ok, but quite happily chugs along without the need to do much with the accelerator! :? Not being overly knowledgable in such matters, I was wondering if anyone had encountered this problem? I'm loathed to pay out a huge repair bill if I could fix this myself. It's a vauxhall corsa if thats any more help.


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has someone attached a large wad of plastercine to the underside of your accelerator?

unfortunately, not as unlikely as it sounds...


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Car probs

Hi Chris...
could a carburretter problem , may be blocked and the fuel to air ratio may be affected . another idea could be timing belt or chain may be loose ( have it looked at by a garage tho ) , if you belt or chain goes will put the head gasket out and is expensive to repair ( easier to get a new engine then )..dont think it's an electrical problem tho , you can always check the spark plugs spaces tho...
hope this helps mate..


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Depends if your car's 1.carburettor or 2.fuel-injected, in either case could be a sticky throttle cable or pivot.

for 1. could be automatic choke stuck on, is starting it hot difficult too (would flood)?

for 2. there's usually a servo motor on the throttle spindle (to up the idle speed on cold starts), may be stuck. Or there's something up with the fuel injection computer or one of it's many sensors, price unknown!


If its fuel injection, then it could be the electrically-controlled "idle air control valve" sticking (which they do - our Astra is on its third!)

V.expensive from Vauxhall (~£200!)

much cheaper from

IF the engine is like the Astra/Vectra unit, then Vx have introduced an extra filter that keeps the valve from getting quite so gummed up...

Good luck!



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Sounds like your clutch is on the way out mate. I've had a couple of cars do this to me in the past and on both occasions it was clutch related. One time the master cylinder went, the other time it was the clutch itself.

If it's over-revving in neutral then it could well be something else but the bit about not really needing much accelerator when in gear is pretty suspicious and clutch-like ;)

Probably gonna be expensive whatever it is if you take it to a garage :(


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Here's what I'd do:

1. Check the oil
2. Check the water
3. Take it to the nearest garage!

Haven't got the foggiest about cars! ;)


dyl said:
Here's what I'd do:

2. Check the water

Haven't got the foggiest about cars! ;)

Me neither.... for ages I thought that 'checking the water' was just seeing if you had any in your windscreen wipers. I later found out when my car started to overheat that this wasn't exactly the case!!

I'd go to the garage...safest option all round


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OK experts, fix this:

1. Clutch started slipping about a month ago. 2 weeks ago had new clutch fitted for £300.
2. Clutch still slipping and cannot get into any gear when stationary in heavy traffic in the middle of Warrington.
3. Call RAC. RAC man bleeds hydraulic system and car tottles merrily on way.
4. Clutch still slipping and cannot get into any gear when stationary in heavy traffic in the middle of Northwich.
5. Call RAC. RAC man tops up hydraulic fluid and car tottles merrily on way.
6. Clutch still slipping and cannot get into any gear when stationary in heavy traffic in the middle of Northwich.
7. Call garage who fitted clutch and demand free recovery. Cry until they promise to look into it.
8. Garage say slave cylinder now leaking and fix it for an extra £100.
9. Clutch still slipping and cannot get into any gear when stationary in heavy traffic somewhere in Cheshire.
10. Nurse car back to garage but bitch-car refuses to reproduce problem for garage. Garage can find nothing obviously wrong.
11. Drive around aimlessly until problem reproduces, rush to garage and kidnap boss in order to show him problem. He agrees there is a problem but still can find nothing obviously wrong. Suggests fault now in gear-bpx rather than clutch.
12. Today, car booked into garage for thorough check. Ring garage this p.m. for info, gear-box has been taken out, disassembled and reassembled. No obvious fault.
13. Tomorrow they will check the fly-wheel, gear selector and clutch, but are not hopeful of finding anything.

2 weeks, £400, and I have a car that won't go and no-one can tell why. Any solutions apart from torching it and claiming the insurance?
BMB who is thinking of going back to her lovely old 2CV and forgetting fancy modern cars altogether. :evil:

Okiedokie of Oz

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For the shrek-mobile, I also am inclined to accuse the choke. My old Suzi had a manual choke, and some mornings if I left it on too long, she'd gell all excited and try to drive herself.

As for BMB------> Was the clutch rewired properly after the replacement?? I am no genius, but it could be because the plate isn't going through the entire action.....or the gearbox is Flickerred.....


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Have swapped cars with the parents now so mine can get fixed, however I'm now pretty sure that it was just the accelerator cable sticking. Which is a bonus, because a few squirts of WD-40 is unlikely to cost £200 :D

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