Ladies and Gentlemen.

May I, through the pages of, thank everyone for their attendance and playing at the Cancer Research Band Concert at the Diggle Hotel, Saddleworth last Sunday afternoon.

For the uninitiated, the Cancer Research Band is a scratch Band thrown together, without rehearsal for a specific fund raising excersise. In the past, we have been very successful at local march contests and have collected prize monies to the tune of £650-00 over the past two years.

However, to mark the start of our third year, I had a idea, and with the assistance of Phil Beck promotions, an outside concert at the Diggle Hotel was sorted.

The band for the day, consisted of 7 from Fodens Richardson Band. 4 from Wingates. 4 from Presimmon Homes Hepworth Band. 3 from BMP Europe Goodshaw Band.2 from Dobcross Silver. 1 from YBS. 1 from Besses Boys. 1 from Whitworth Vale and Healey and 4 unafiliated players.

My thanks must be past on to Glynn Williams (Solo Euph, Fodens Richardson Band) for assisting with the organisation and for playing Myfanwy so excellently.

Mark Wilkinson for a superb rendition of Share My Yoke and Helen Fox for the super solo's in Procession to the Minster and the Pines of Rome.
Special thanks to Rob Westicot and the guys from Hepworth for helping out at such short notice.

The concert was well attended and fortunately the weather remained fine. A sum of £232-00 was raised on the day and a request has been made for another concert in August next year, only next time it has been suggested that we hold it at the Uppermill Civic Hall.

As the Bands founder and Conductor, I would like to ask that if anyone is interested in playing in the band next year, at the Uppermill Concert, please forward a message and I will collate the information to produce the best band possible.

For the interested the programme for the day was as follows;
1. Fanfare and Flourishes.
2. Die Felsenmule.
3. Share My Yoke. (Mark Wilkinson. Princ, Richardson Fodens).
4. Pastime With Good Company.
5. Nicaea.
6. Hoe Down.
7. Li’l Darlin.
8. Myfanwy. (Glynn Williams, Solo Euph, Richardson Fodens)
9. Procession to the Minster.

1. Courtage from Mlada.
2. La Reine De Saba
3. Amazing Grace.
4. Devils Gallop.
5. Irish Blessing.
6. March Praise.
7. A Nightingale Sang in Berkley Square.
8. The Day Thou Gavest.
9. March from the Pines of Rome.

Once again Thank you all very much.


Hi Dave. It was a terrific concert to say that we had no rehearsal. I will gladly put my name forward to play again. It was a really enjoyable experiance and one that I would be happy to repeat.



Well done for getting a band together who could perform that programme on no rehearsal - And with a lot of them suffering from 'Summer Holiday Lip Syndrome' ( myself included) :clap:

Put me down for the next one too. Although can I have a bit more notice next time !!


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