Can you help me!!!

If there is anyone who can help on this subject i would love you to Reply.

My dreams are pretty big and one is to be a composer in music we have to do our own pieces my teacher says i do really good tunes if only i could do the chords of my mind aswell i wondered if anyone could help me do the chords or tell me what i am doin wrong because the Tune sounds good efor i put the chords in.

PLZ HELP as i am really stuck.


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I know everyone has their own way of songwriting but if it's any help the way I do it is:
- Get a rough idea of the structure of the song (Intro, Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, Bridge, Chorus, Outro for example)
- Work out the chord progression for each section and try to put a nice hook in the chorus.
- If I'm using lyrics then work on them to fit the chord progression and then the tune kindof writes itself, or if no words just play around the chords to get a tune.
- Then you've got the basic chords and tune you can arrange it for whatever instrumentation you want and can put together appropriate accompiament to suit the instrument and tune. Voila, one bogstandard rough song (probably as good as anything in the top 20 these days!!)

I don't really do major, or complex stuff. Just a few songs to mess about with at home! You can ignore me again now!
My RUBBISH tunes are either enoth Parts for the orcrestra at school (not alot) or for a brass band. not a big one but enoth i could always do the cornets in a harmony.

But its gettin the chords right to the melody.


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donna, i heard a tune u did, u sent it to me... and it was really good!! so stop sayin ur tunes r crap, coz they aint!!! and who carse about punctuation tbh....:p
They are truly rubbish i am tellin you now the only good one i have done was one that took me like 3 hours on a saturday coz i was really mixed up and reflected my moods in it. lol i dunno how i did it but it was truely a one off today i had 20 mins to come up with a piece b4 it was being assesed i dunno how i did it but i did one but i was so upset because if i got an idea befor i did i would have been able to turn it around. lol. I think i have probs now i have song writtin next. AGHHHH


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Another thing that you need to remember is that composing isn't a 5 minute task, it can take days, or longer depending on who/what you are writing for.

And by the sound of it you're like me: once you get an idea or are in the mood you're fine, but if you're doing it 'cos you have to then you can't do it. Don't beat yourself up one day because you draw a blank, because chances are you'll get an idea the next.

And about the chords, speak to a teacher; they'll be able to sit you down and teach you some of the basic chord progressions and rules, which should be more than enough to get you started.

But if in doubt, go by what sounds right. If it sounds OK then it doesn't matter if you have broken a couple of small "rules"! They were there to be broken, after all :wink:

How's the nerves comin along by the way? Hope they are better! :lol:

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