Can you Help a Euph Player................


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To all at Tmp

A dear friend of mine needs to find a band.................and a bander without a band is like me not in the bar......lost!

Hes had 1 1/2years experience on 2nd bari at a Champ section band but also helps other people out on Euph,
After a long convo hes decided he wants to play Euph but needs a band to play in, hes looking at 3rd,2nd or 1st section and lives near Huddersfield and is willing to travel 30 mins ish.........

Please help!!!!! pm me if your interested........ n i will let him know

Thanx xxx

Roger Thorne

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Re: Tyldesley need a euph

scjb said:
You could do it in 30 mins - if you drive fast(ish)
Be careful though - North Yorkshire Police have a habit of issuing speeding tickets to tMPer's in that part of the world.



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