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James McFadyen

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2 great tracks for you to listen to, in low-quality mp3, making your interactive experence come to life right now!!!

CLOUDS OF DUST AND RAINBOWS OF GOLD McFadyen - Clouds of Dust and Rainbows of Gold.mp3

IN THE ISLAND OF MASS-PRODUCED SUICIDE McFadyen - In the Island of Mass-Produced Suicide.mp3

Hope you enjoy them!!! If you download them or even one of them, put a post in here to tell eveybody what you downloaded and would you recommed it to anyone else?

Because.................they won't be free of charge for long!!! Soon, Devilish Publishing will be setting up a pay-per-download section for top-quailty mp3 files!!!


The Cornet King

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Nice one James. Two extremely good pieces.

For easy listening then i would have to say that "In the island of Mass produced suicide" is a fabulous listening piece. Great bit of swing, that i could see myself whistling down the street.

As for the "Clouds of dust and rainbows of gold", this is much more of a serious work. Perhaps not one for all tastes but as i listened to it more it rather grew on me.

Thoroughly recommended. Only one query. Whats with the "In the island of Mass suicide"?? :( Wee tad depressing name aint it??

Any more for us to listen to James. These are rather good :D

James McFadyen

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Thanx very much!! :lol:

As for the title (suicide) it's just a wacky title I came up with, I do that a lot with my music, someone somewhere always comments on my titles and I love playing with words! hehe

Clouds of dust is a more serious work but is still in the 'light music' for concert platform mode, which is what the majority of my music is all about. It was written for a competition in 2001, that I did not win :cry:

I do have lots more and Ill post more very shortly - I've even got an electric version of Clouds of Dust and Rainbows of Gold! It's played by an Electric Piano and a lush synth patch with delay - sounds quite cool, actually, i'll post that one later today!

Anyway, thanks for your comments Cornet King, they are much appreciated! :wink:

The Cornet King

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Oh anytime James :D

Anyway I thought i would do some more detailed analysis of them all, for fellow potential listeners:

The Universe is a symphony My Favourite!

A work of varied moods and styles. Starting in a symphonic style it moves into a much more relaxed mood, the middle section is lovely, fantastic!!! You really get a feeling of floating in space, such a relaxing and smooth piece.
Still is a farely serious work i think, but listenable for all ears.
Must admit i do like these works :D :D

Past the Land that Grows Teddy Bears.

Playful opening and a very light flavoured start. Nothing complex yet it still sounds so good! :D More complex middle section, yet never loses the style of a playful atmosphere, even in the more serious sections.

Clouds of dust and rainbows of gold Electric version.

Must admit i much prefer the original version. For me it doesn't see to have the same impact on me. It seems to lose some of the detail and some of the qualities of the piece. The electric for me makes it sound a bit too disjointed if thats the right word. It doesn't seem to capture the music as well. Still good, but prefer the original.

Well i would highly recommend these to anyone. Listen to them all yourself fellow tMPers, Think they are really good. If you can chuck some Brass band works at us in the near future i expect to hear a lot more from you.
Keep the good work coming!!! :D :D

Anybody wants to drop me a piece for review :wink: :D Would love to review it... Get a view of an ordinary bandsman for free :D
Hope these are helpful for you James. Hope everyone else likes them.

James McFadyen

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Cornet King, you can be my personal reviewer anytime! :wink:

Such great feedback!

Thanks for the comments! as for clouds of dust electric version, you're right, but the low quality mp3 version loses it's sparkle and 'top-end' detail and the delay on the lead synth smears the indivdual notes!.....the wav, or even the top-quality mp3 version has much more resonance!.......But I do back what you're saying! :lol:

As for my Brass Band stuff, i'll try, I do hate MIDI brass, it's just too harsh, but I'm sure I've got some decent Brass Soundfonts kicking around, either that or i'll change it all to strings, or something! :lol:

I did do 'A Place Where Dreams Come True' but changed it to orchestral instruments using my Edirol Orchestral VSTi, might post that one up, coz it gives a good general idea of the piece!

I'll also post more string stuff up!


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flippin dial up connection! sorry, wont be able to listen to them, because it'll take about 3 hours for me to download em! sure they're very good from what cornet king's been saying though! :D

James McFadyen

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The files are low-quality mp3, which makes them nice and small!!!!!!! :lol: much to the detriment of the music, but that's the internet for you! I absolutely hate low quality audio, but beggers can't be choosers!


The Cornet King

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ooooh another one to listen to excellent :D :D

Threnody for 9/11

:shock: Contemporary!!!! agh!

Like the opening, quite emotional.
Moves onto a more discordant section and reminds me very much of Prague this one!
The first half of it might not be everybody's cup of tea, however it still has appeal. Quite complex though. Must have been written for higher section bands in general.

I like the transition to the second section, although it does sound quite difficult, and the rythms around the band are very complex to fit together. Need a good band to play this well i think. Like the full scale runs for the cornet at the end!! Very tricky ending to fit together too.

One of your more contemporary pieces i think, but it is still really good.
Have you had any bands play through all your pieces yet??

Any more :D :wink:

James McFadyen

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It is very difficult piece to fit everything together.

What will catch most people out are the time signitures and metre changes from duple to triple time.

It starts in duple time, 4/2 to be exact, then the discordant chord stabs intoduce a time signiture of 9/16 with the odd 8/16 to 'trip the beat up' which is incredibly effective in compound time structures! :lol:


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aaargghh! time signatures!!!

Think it'd take me a while just to work out how to count some of those, so I'll leave it to the good bands!

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