Can we have another competiton to....


Staff member
a wee chat with an admin (or other non-admin type mod with access to the db 8) ) and we can cut him down to something more reasonable... ;)

Naomi McFadyen

New Member
well, depending on how often Peter contributes to the Tune thread and Banders Story thingy, I reckon within a week...
so anytime before this time next week... ;-)


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Monday 15th, 11.50am - I win :!:

(would have been a little earlier, but no-one has posted on the "Bander's story" since my last posting :shock: :cry: :lol: )


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D'oh - if I'd got that edit in about 30 seconds sooner.....
Okay, okay, so my original guess was Wednesday! But own up Peter, you do seemed to have been posting rather more than usual this past week :wink:

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