Can anybody recommend a reliable publisher?


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I have been with one publisher for a year now, and although they have taken about 20 of my compositions and arrangements, they seem to have dropped out of sight. Emails are unanswered (since Preston Contest) and I can't seem to get any contact with them.

Has anyone any experience of a publisher who takes on newer (slightly soiled) composers and arrangers and is reliable?

I have two new pieces (1 compo and 1 arrangement) that I would like to find a place for and I'm dubious about sending them off into a vacuum. :cry:


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ya beat me to it dude!

allthough there are several publishers on here, id give Roger Thorne a shout.
General all round nice guy.
you can give me me money on friday Rog :p :wink:


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JessopSmythe said:
I've heard of this company called "Thornes Music". Bit of a shady character in charge but it seems OK :wink:
I've heard the same myself :) Beggars can't be choosers, though ! :shock:

Thanks for the confirmation of what I was thinking. Roger sounds like a good chap and he's already helped me with something else.


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There's that many publishers knocking around here, and any tmper worth his salt (or non-artery blocking condement) has got to be worth a look!

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